Transfer your old audio tapes to CD or MP3 digital format.  Like all magnetized tape formats audio tapes will begin to fade over continued use.  Cassette tape decks are becoming harder and harder to find so transfer your audio tapes to CD before it's too late.

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Audio Tapes

So why use Chroma Services?

If you are still not convinced then send us your audio tape and we will convert a short 1 minute preview of the cassette tape.  You can listen to the audio and make your decision afterwards. Obtain a transfer audio tape to CD or MP3 with no risk.


(in USD Dollar Amounts, convert here The Universal Currency Converter)

Straight Copy
(reduce hiss, hum and also normalized)
$12 per Tape
Each Additional Copy $5 per CD
Extras (Add Amount to Basic Services)
Custom CD Case
(Cover insert image of your choice, cover, spine and back colours and layout of your choice)
Add $5
Advanced Services (Add Amount to Basic Services)
Major Editing
(major audio correction from a damaged tape)
Contact Us
Bulk Orders
10 to 20 Tapes 10% off
21 or more Tapes Contact Us

In essence if you wanted 1 audio tape with a custom menu and 1 extra copy it would be: $12 for straight copy + $5 for custom CD case + $5 copy = $22.  You can also mix and match services so 1 tape can have a custom CD case as described above while another tape can just be a straight $12 copy.  If you still have any questions please contact us for a personalized quote.

Sending us your Tapes

When sending us your audio tapes please make sure to properly package them in a box in bubble wrap and try to avoid using packing popcorn. Also shipping using a tracking number is highly advisable. Please do not use UPS ground as their Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada are excessive compared to other couriers. If you can, please use the United States Postal Service's ground shipping as their rates are the most reasonable. To make processing your order easier please label your tapes and include detailed instructions on what services are being performed on which tapes. Turnaround time is about 1 week from the time we receive your tapes but larger orders may take longer .  Once the conversions have been finished we will notify you and provide a return tracking number.  Rush orders are also available but are subject to a 15% fee.  If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to Contact Us .

So why CDs?

Don’t let your memories slip away. Transfer audio cassette tape to CD or audio tape to MP3 and have them preserved for a lifetime!