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If you stepped on your favourite audio tape or maybe your microcassette tape was eaten by the tape recorder and you thought your precious recordings were lost forever then you have come to the right place. Expert audio tape repair, mini cassette and microcassette repair at a great price.

Wow that was fast. Great job with everyting.
    -Ron Walters
      Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Broken VHS Video Cassette

What we can repair:

We can fix anything but some problems can be much harder to fix.

What we cannot repair:

You can send these types of cassettes in to us for an evaluation and we will advise you on if the tape is repairable or not.  Alternately you can send a picture of the tape or simply Contact Us and describe the problem.


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Broken Tape or Damaged Tape
(tape will be spliced back together)
$15 per Cassette
Damaged or Broken Shell
(shell will be replaced)
$20 per Cassette
Mold or Humidity Damage
$25 per Cassette
After Repair Copy to New Tape
(Copy the repaired tape to a new tape)
Extra $5 per Copied Tape
After Repair Transfer to CD
(Highly recommended, Save 25% on transfers)
Transfer Services
Bulk Orders
10 to 20 Tapes10% off
21 or more TapesContact Us

These prices are not cumulative, so for instance if you have a moldy microcassette tape repair with a damaged shell also the price is just $25 to clean the mold and fix the cassette shell (for calculation the highest price service is used).


Sending us your Tapes

When sending us your tapes please make sure to properly package them in a box in bubble wrap and try to avoid using packing popcorn. Also shipping using a tracking number is highly advisable. Please do not use UPS ground as their Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada are excessive compared to other couriers. If you can, please use the United States Postal Service's ground shipping as their rates are the most reasonable. To make processing your order easier please label your tapes and include detailed instructions on what services are being performed on which tapes. Turnaround time is about 1 week from the time we receive your tapes (large order may take longer).  Once the repairs have been finished we will notify you and provide a return tracking number. Rush orders are also available but are subject to a 15% fee.  If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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