Convert 8mm (Video8), Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8 (D8) and mini DV to DVD

Chroma Services will professionally convert 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8 and mini DV to DVD. We have been in the multimedia business for many years and use only the highest quality equipment for our transfers. Your video will last beyond a lifetime, and your memories will be preserved for generations to come!

Great quality conversions. Highly recommended.
    -Ken Lau
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Camcorder Cassettes

So why use Chroma Services?

  • 100% professional digital

    8mm (Video8), Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8 (D8) and mini DV to DVD conversion transfer

  • Only the best equipment is used such as a high end camcorder for the transfer.
  • Full motion DVD menus with motion thumbnail images taken from the beginning of each chapter for easy navigation
  • Chapter placement every 10 Min. or in any increment you decide
  • Top quality genuine Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media (compatible with 99% of DVD players) is used with new WaterSheild technology which repels water and protects from wear and scratches
  • DVD Amaray case (full DVD case similar to Hollywood store bought cases and NOT a paper sleeve or jewel case)
  • Cover insert
  • DVD label

If you are still not convinced then send us your tape and we will convert a short 1 minute preview clip of the tape.  You can examine the scene and make your decision afterwards.


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Basic Services
Straight Copy
(removal of dead space, arrangement of only 2 tapes (use minor editing for multiple tapes), printed title on DVD Disc and DVD cover insert, no editing)
$10 per Hour of Video
Each Additional Copy $10 per DVD
Extras (Add Amount to Basic Services)
Custom DVD Menu
(background image of your choice, colours and layout of your choice)
Add $5
Custom Colour DVD Case and DVD Label
(images of your choice on cover insert with video title on front and spine, any design you choose printed on DVD disc)
Add $5
Advanced Services (Add Amount to Basic Services)
Minor Editing
(minor colour correction, stabilizing signal using full frame TBC, removal of dead space, normalized AC3 Audio, arrangement of multiple tapes in any sequence desired)
Add $5 per 1 hour
Intermediate Editing
(everything from minor editing with major colour correction, noise reduction, minor audio correction)
Add $10 per 1 hour
Major Editing
(everything from intermediate editing, major audio correction and much more)
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Bulk Orders
10 to 20 Tapes10% off
21 or more TapesContact Us

In essence if you wanted minor editing for a 1 hour mini dv to DVD with a custom menu and 1 extra DVD copy it would be: $10 for straight copy + $5 for minor editing + $5 for custom menu + $10 copy = $30.  You can also mix and match services so 2 8mm to DVD can have the minor editing as described above while 2 other Hi8 to DVD can just be a straight $20 copy.  If you still have any questions please contact us for a personalized quote.

Sending us your Tapes

When sending us your tapes please make sure to properly package them in a box in bubble wrap and try to avoid using packing popcorn. Also shipping using a tracking number is highly advisable. Please do not use UPS ground as their Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada are excessive compared to other couriers. If you can, please use the United States Postal Service's ground shipping as their rates are the most reasonable. To make processing your order easier please label your tapes and include detailed instructions on what services are being performed on which tapes. Turnaround time is about 1 week from the time we receive your tapes but large orders may take longer.  Once the conversions have been finished we will notify you and provide a return tracking number.  Rush orders are also available but are subject to a 15% fee.  If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to Contact Us.

So why DVDs?

  • No rewinding!
  • There is no magnetic coating that can wear away with each use, which is the case with tapes. 
  • Menus and chapter points (bookmarks) allow you to skip to certain scenes instantly. 
  • Quick forward/backward scanning and searching.
  • DVDs take up less space than VHS tapes. 
  • Since a DVD is digital, any copies are exactly the same as the original with no loss of quality! 
  • A DVD can be put into a computer so that you can capture still scenes for printing photos. 
  • Zoom-in features (if your DVD player supports it) 
  • If handled properly (like a CD), a DVD can last over 100 years! 
  • For the reasons above and many more, DVDs are becoming the mainstream, and VHS is becoming obsolete.

Don’t let your memories slip away. Convert 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8 and mini DV to DVD and have them preserved for a lifetime!