Transfer Tape to DVD Order

Note:  Please do not use UPS ground as their Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada are excessive compared to other couriers. If you can, please use the United States Postal Service’s ground shipping as their rates are the most reasonable.

This is an order form to inform us of your possible order. If you would like a quote before sending in your order then add this in the comments field below (useful if sending a cheque or money order with your shipment). We will be in contact with you throughout the conversion process, updating you on what is happening. Our return shipping method is Canada Post or FedEx. If you would like to use an alternate shipper please specify so in the extra instructions section at the bottom. All fields are optional but the more information given the better we will be able to serve you and will prevent delays. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us.

You do not have to pay until we have received your package and we will not charge you until then. We accept:
Master Card  Visa  Paypal  Cheque or Money Order
 It can be risky to send money through the mail but of course we will accept it.

Contact Information
First Name: Last Name:
Address 1: Address 2:
City: Province/State:
Postal/Zip Code: Country:
Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Number of Tapes and Format
How many tapes?
Formats of the cassettes (check all that apply): VHS: VHS-C:
S-VHS: 8mm: Hi8: Digital8:
Beta (Betamax): mini DV:
Conversion or Editing Services
Please describe the conversion or editing services that will be applied to your tapes. With copies the first tape applies, so if 4 is stated then it is the original plus 3 extras. Such as, VHS#1 - Straight Copy - Custom Menu - 4 copies, VHS#2 - Minor Editing, Hi8#1 - Straight Copy - Custom Case, VHS#3 to VHS#6 - Straight Copy and so on. If you are sending multiple tapes and formats please describe each individually as best as possible.
Legend of Services Offered ($USD):
  • Straight Copy: $10 per 1 hour
  • Each Additional Copy: $10 per DVD
  • Custom DVD Menu: Add $5
  • Custom Colour DVD Case and DVD Label: Add $5
  • Minor Editing: Add $5 per 1 hour
  • Intermediate Editing: Add $10 per 1 hour
  • Major Editing: Varies
Shipping Method
10-20 Days Ground Shipping ($5 for Canada, $10 Mainland USA)
Air Mail ($18 for international which includes Canadian Territories and Alaska or Hawaii)
5-10 Days Expedited ($10 for Canada, $15 USA and ask for international quote)
2-3 Days or Overnight (very expensive, quote can only be given when package dimensions are known)
Any Extra Instructions or Comments